New Blockchain Startup Brings Contracts into the Digital Age

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New Blockchain Startup Brings Contracts into the Digital Age.



That  BTC_faucet is one of my favorite it’s have a good affiliate program and last but not least always pay at time.

New X11 sgminer increase hashrate almost with P percent …

As we expected many people try to improve sgminer one of them is  bitcointalk user Wolf0. He announced new “sgminer” and according to him new optimazed sgminer reached %50 of increased hashrate compared to older version.Many of us if we optimazed our miner will keep it for our personal use or we will sell it to farmers (big fishes) to earn some money, but he is not like us and give it for free 🙂

R9 280x – 8 MH/s       with default setting

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Crypto-currency with goal to help poor people around the world .

In these days every second new maded  crypto-currency try to do something different to be more attractive to catch attention of the people .Today  we  have one of these currency with charity goal and with name   Potatocoin (SPUDS) . Yes it is seem like a joke right, but is not according to the  coin supporters.  At crypto world nothing is impossible and nothing is a 100% true . Only  time is the real measure and it will show us which will survive and which will be buried  .

Be careful make you own research and remember sometimes original idea is not logical 😉  But it still original right !