New X11 sgminer increase hashrate almost with P percent …

As we expected many people try to improve sgminer one of them is  bitcointalk user Wolf0. He announced new “sgminer” and according to him new optimazed sgminer reached %50 of increased hashrate compared to older version.Many of us if we optimazed our miner will keep it for our personal use or we will sell it to farmers (big fishes) to earn some money, but he is not like us and give it for free 🙂

R9 280x – 8 MH/s       with default setting

Follow these steps 

  1. download sgminer,
  2. extract it,
  3. make a .bat file with your setting here is a example                                                                                                                   (   sgminer.exe  -k darkcoin-mod -o stratum+tcp:// xxxx:3333 -u x -p x      -g 4 -I 18 -w 64 –thread-concurrency 8192 )
  4. start .bat file (sgminer will genarate own .bin file with your setting )
  5. copy  your .bin   name  and rename wolf0’s .bin name.
  6. At a .bat file give a attention to bold text use the same otherwise it is not working

you can download sgminer here

and new Wolf0 .bin file from  here or here or here

BTC donation adress:   1JNrLYjpqGQRjTqLajGmzoDPgCTizRf4td

Happy mining 🙂

If you have a trouble with  feel free to contact with me


2 thoughts on “New X11 sgminer increase hashrate almost with P percent …

  1. sorry but i must be daft or something i don’t seem to get it to work i download the program and open it and it asks for usl and profile name and password ect…. i fill it in but it disconnects and closes the window i don’t now what to do so sorry yours truly kreutch


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